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Страна: Малави
Язык: EN
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Дата публикации: 19-07-2017
Источник: TED
Тэги: engineering structures Concrete Construction work for water pipelines construction work for pipelines Water mains


1.Publication reference:LWB/LWREP/C/02

2.Procedure:Restricted (with prequalification)

3.Financing:EIB Loan (Loan N° 84056)

4.Contracting Authority:Lilongwe Water Board, Lilongwe, Malawi

5.Program:Lilongwe Water Resources Efficiency Programme (LWREP)

6.Contract DescriptionAs part of Component 5 of the LWREP: Treatment and Network Improvements, the Lilongwe Water Board would like to carry out consultancy services for the construction supervision for transport mains replacement project around Lilongwe City. The contract covers the construction supervision of the proposed TW1 - Mwenda, Mwenda – Tsabango, NBS - Kanengo and Mtunthama – Area 9 Tower transport mains. The Construction Works expected to be supervised comprise the following components:• Installation of ductile iron pipes and associated valves and pipework for transport mains, including excavation and backfilling of trenches and excavations for other structures, provision and hauling of back fill material, compaction of pipe bedding, testing of materials and hydraulic tests of the mains as detailed in the specifications;• Concrete works for thrust blocks, valve chambers, etc.The specific details of the proposed transport mains are as follows:• TW 1 – Mwenda: Supply and installation of DN 700 ductile iron pipe with associated fittings (Approximate length 3,700m);• Mwenda – Tsabango: Supply and installation of DN 500 ductile iron pipe with associated fittings (Approximate length 5,100m);• NBS – Kanengo: Supply and installation of DN 600 ductile iron pipe with associated fittings (Approximate length 8,300m);• Mtunthama – Area 9 Tower: Supply and installation of DN 300 ductile iron pipe with associated fittings (Approximate length 1,700m);

6.1Objective of the AssignmentThe objective consists of the provision of engineering consulting services complete in all respects for the monitoring of construction of various components falling under the Transport Mains Replacement Project within Lilongwe City. The Consultancy Services will be performed through the Consultant"s resident staff on the Site and will cover the following:(a) Construction monitoring under Conditions of Contract for Construction (FIDIC “RED Book”) for a period of 365 calendar days.(b) Supervise the Latent Defects according to Conditions of Contract for Construction (FIDIC “RED Book”) for a period of 365 calendar days.The specific areas of the consultancy will include:(a) Project management and administration issues.(b) Make any required design modifications revealed necessary on the site during construction period in consultation with the Employer.The full scope of the assignment is contained in the detailed Terms of Reference which can be accessed through the following link: http://www.lwb.mw/index.php/opportunities/tenders-and-contracts

7.Eligibility and rules of originFirms originating from all countries of the world are eligible to participate in this tender. However, the EIB shall not provide finance, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of, award a contract under any EIB Project to, or enter into any relationship with, an individual or entity who is subject to financial sanctions imposed by the European Union pursuant to Chapter 2 of Title V of the Treaty on European Union or article 215 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, either autonomously or pursuant to the financial sanctions decided by the United Nations Security Council on the basis of article 41 of the UN Charter. This applies without the need for the Exclusion Proceedings.

8.Number of applicationsNo more than one application can be submitted by a natural or legal firm whatever the form of participation (as an individual legal entity or as leader or member of a consortium submitting an application). If a natural or legal firm submits more than one application, all applications in which that person has participated will be rejected.

9.Sub-consultingConsultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint-venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications.

10.Number of candidates to be short-listedOn the basis of the applications received, maximum 6 candidates will be invited to submit Technical and Financial Proposals for the contract.

11.Provisional date of invitation to submit Technical and Financial Proposals:October 2017

12.Provisional commencement date of the contract:December 2017

13.Initial period of implementation of tasks and possible extension of the contract:The consultancy assignment is for a period of no longer than twenty five (25) months including defects liability period.

14.Selection CriteriaThe consultant will be selected in accordance with procedures set out in the European Investment Bank’s Guide to Procurement for Projects Financed by EIB (2011).The Lilongwe Water Board now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services. The main short-listing criteria are:• The consulting firm (individual company or consortium altogether) has successfully completed during the last 10 years (since January 1st 2007 up to the deadline for the receipt of applications at least two similar assignments each of minimum value USD 500,000.00 equivalent of which at least one involved installation of pipelines of diameters at least 300mm and length at least 2,000m.• The consulting firm has successfully completed at least three similar assignments for construction work supervision in the region during the last 10 years (since January 1st, 2007 up to the deadline for the receipt of applications).• The consulting firm must have key permanent staff (back-office support) responsible for contract management. The permanent staff must have been with the firm for the last two years.• The firm or JV should have an annual turnover of at least USD 900,000.00 each year over the last 3 years.The full list of criteria can be accessed through the following link: http://www.lwb.mw/index.php/opportunities/tenders-and-contractsThe Level of Effort of professional staff to be provided by the Consultant is estimated at 40 staff months. Full details on composition of the professional staff are contained in the Terms of Reference.If more than six eligible candidates meet the above selection criteria, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the applications of these firms will be re-examined to identify the six best applications for the tender procedure.

15.Deadline for receipt of applicationsThe applications must be received by Lilongwe Water Board authorities no later than 4:30pm local time on Thursday, 31st August, 2017.

16.Application format and details to be providedApplications to be submitted in four (4) hard copies and one electronic copy on CD-ROM or flash pen.

17.Submission of Expression of InterestExpressions of Interest clearly marked “Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision for Transport Mains Replacement Project around Lilongwe City for Lilongwe Water Board” must be delivered in four (4) hard copies and one electronic copy on CDROM or flash pen to Lilongwe Water Board at the address in below:Address for Submission of Expression of InterestThe IPC Chairman, Lilongwe Water Board – Tender Box, Madzi House, Off Likuni Road, Lilongwe, MALAWIAddress for ClarificationsLilongwe Water Board, Madzi House, Off Likuni Road, P O Box 96, Lilongwe, Malawi, Attention: Project Implementation Unit Manager, Fax: +265 1 757 343, E-mail: piu@lwb.mw

18.Alteration or withdrawal of applicationsCandidates may alter or withdraw their applications by written notification prior to the deadline for submission of applications. No application may be altered after this deadline.

19.Operational languageAll written communications for this EOI must be in English